Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Guess Voodoo Doesn't Count

It's not really news, but I just enjoyed reading former star Pedro Martinez's comments on the recent Roger Clemens steroids fiasco.

"I dominated that era and I did it clean," Pedro Martinez said upon his arrival at Mets camp Thursday. "I can stand by my numbers and I can be proud of them. I have a small frame and when I hurt all I could do was take a couple of Aleve or Advil, a cup of coffee and a little mango and an egg -- and let it go!"

Just to clarify, Mr. Pedro Pants, nobody thought you were cheating. At least I didn't. I thought you might have been hooked on LSD, but you and your 150-pound needleless butt were never under suspicion of steroid abuse. You didn't need them. After all, you had Nelson de la Rosa to give you sponge baths.

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