Monday, September 15, 2008

Daily Face-Melter

The guitar solo is becoming a lost art. With the rise of crappy "rock" music and the ability to over-produce just about anything, it has no longer become necessary to be awesome with the guitar to become popular and/or respected. While there are more than few artists out there who maintain the skillz of a guitar virtuoso, the number (or at least the percentage) of artists has waned.

But one man can still shred. His name? Zakk Wylde.

Wylde first burst on to the scene as Jake E. Lee's replacement for Ozzy Osbourne (Lee had replaced the legendary Randy Rhodes, an idol of Wylde's). Wylde acted not only as lead guitarist for one of the most influential figures in all of metal, but also served as co-writer with Osbourne. After tearing it up with Ozzy for a bit, Wylde released a solo album and formed two of his own bands, Pride & Glory and, most famously, Black Label Society.

With his trademark "Bulls-eye" guitars and wild mane, Wylde looks like a rockstar. And boy, can he play guitar. So here's to you Zakk, keep fighting the good fight and laying down some of the best tracks out there.

A great cover of Neil Young's Heart of Gold

Now this next video is to set up the final video. This is the great Lynyrd Skynyrd's I Never Dreamed, a great song.

Now this is Wylde's version of I Never Dreamed, which turns one of the best songs of a great band into a truly cathartic experience.

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Anonymous said...

zakk is one of the greatest guitarists ever! that solo on i neve dreamed is so sic!