Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A serious post

Most of what we discuss in this forum is silly and stupid and designed to entertain (with varying degrees of success).

But in all seriousness, please pray for the people of China. China was hit with a devastating 7.9 earthquake and the death toll has become catastrophic.

China is allegedly accepting any aid they can get. So I encourage anyone reading this to donate to the Red Cross (or any other charity or aid group...the Red Cross has a history of excellent service and they're my preferential such group). Whether you can donate money (not all of us can afford to) or donate blood or whatever, even if all you can do is pray for them, please help however you can.

Thank you.

EDIT: A link to the American Red Cross donations website here. And a link to find where you can donate blood near you here (I donated a few weeks ago...if you are disease-free, donating really is an easy way to give something back and really help out as our country almost constantly has a blood shortage). Again, please consider helping out in any way you can.

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