Saturday, December 8, 2007

Daily SAll-Star: Pete Incaviglia

Many baseball fans and historians consider Pete Incaviglia the greatest college baseball player of all time (He still owns the single-season home run and RBI record to this day). Precisely zero people think Pete Incaviglia was a useful major leaguer.

Incaviglia's Pete-tacular ineptitude was largely due to his public refusal to play a single game in the minor leagues. That's where you get better at baseball. Pete didn't like the sound of "improvement."

So he didn't bother with it. He did, however, find a dancing partner in obesity. He closed out his Major League career in 1998 with 206 home runs, 655 RBI, a .246 lifetime average, and approximately 347 pounds of manicotti.

We salute you, Pete Incaviglia, Mr. Broken Hearts and Liquid Farts, as today's SAll-Star.

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