Thursday, December 6, 2007

an introductory post

this is a means of a brief introduction for our loyal legions of readers...

(it's can stop laughing now)

we've already had a few posts before this one...but i guess this can be our "first" post...this is Sal Fasano's All-Stars: a weBLOG dedicated to various endeavors into greatness in the realms of sports, film, music, and popular culture in general...

this project was born out of nick's being awesome and being told that by a writer for the detroit free press that he was a talented and funny story this is simply the two of us putting the never-ending discussions concerning whatever in a public forum...we really plan on not changing anything from the discussions which are powered by old halloween candy, frosty beverages, poop-jokes, and wrestling videogames in the basement

the two composers of this site wish to pay homage to various websites and authors who have inspired us including (but not limited to) Bill Simmons of ESPN, the sports blogs With Leather and Every Day Should Be Saturday, the humor website Cracked, and numerous others

keep in mind that these our opinions 'n such...we realize that we have all the maturity of a couple of 2nd graders but we do hope you enjoy everything...we welcome any and all comments and suggestions (keep it relatively appropriate)


or don't...our feelings won't be hurt

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