Thursday, December 6, 2007

a post that has been discussed before though not in this forum

my list of the 10 greatest human beings ever (in no particular order):

al hrabosky/sal fasano (of course)
mr. t
ronald reagan
cal ripken jr.
christopher walken
gary oldman
shawn kemp
arnold schwarzenegger
sean connery
dwayne "the rock" johnson

hrabosky/fasano are a single entity because they embody all that is great about baseball: you can be an unathletic plumber but as long as you do one thing really well and sport some sweet facial hair you can be paid to play...sal is obviously a personal hero our nick and mine's (my's?)...hrabosky gets bonus points for having the best nickname ever (the mad hungarian)

mr t. is an 80s (the greatest decade) icon...the mohawk, the gold chains, it's all awesome...his performance in rocky III makes that movie one of the best ever (though not the best rocky movie...the original and IV were better)

ronald reagan lived the american star, governor of the largest state in the union, one of our greatest presidents, defeated communism...what more can you ask for?

cal ripken jr...i am hopelessly addicted to the baltimore orioles...therefore, if you know anything about baseball or the orioles, you should know that cal ripken is god in baltimore

christopher walken...despite being in some truly awful movies (as well as some good ones) walken has never not been great...he also has the distinction of being our favorite snl host ever (he easily is in everyone's top 5)

gary oldman is perhaps the least well known member of the list...he played sirius black in the harry potter movies, commissioner gordon in batman begins (alongside christian bale, number 11 on this list), the head terrorist in air force one, jean-baptiste emanuel zorg in the fifth element, and stansfield in leon, one of the greatest characters ever in one of the greatest movies ever...gary oldman is simply the man

shawn kemp...for a brief period kemp was one of the best basketball players in the world and the most thunderous dunker on the planet...but what sets him apart is his prolific fathering of illegitimate children (although he has been surpassed for the crown in that category by travis henry of the nfl) which brought upon severe financial strain due to child support addition kemp has the distinction of being the only person ever to get fatter while doing coke

arnold schwarzenegger...any of the 3 phases of arnold would be enough to put him on the list...back in the day he was the most muscular man on the planet...that certainly counts for something...then as a movie star he was the most bankable name in action with such classics at commando and total recall and some hall of fame films terminator 1 and 2 as well as predator...his political career has been a success as well...he is running the state of caleeefornia way better than gray davis ever could...if arnold were allowed to run for president who wouldnt vote for him? he'd be the most badassed world leader ever (included venerable badasses ghengis khan, ramses II, and andrew jackson)

sean connery...the great accent, the stellar acting career, knighted...all great selling points...but all that matters is he was james bond...there is not a single man out there who doesnt want to be james bond

dwayne "the rock" personal man crush...but it is easy to see why...he was a national champion playing football at the university of miami...his wrestling career is one of the best: he was 5 time world tag champion, a two time intercontinental champion, a two time wcw champion, and a record 7 time wwf/e i know wrestling has predetermined outcomes...but championships are awarded to only the best in the business...and at any given point during his career the rock was the most popular man in sports entertainment, a multi-billion dollar addition the rock has starred in numerous movies and has quickly become a large box office draw...his is one of the most althletic humans on the planet as well as one of the quickest wits out there (nearly every single promo and mic piece he did in wrestling was ad-libbed) he's half samoan...and everyone knows samoans are call the rock "the great one" is an understatement

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i like this. this is staying. this is where our minds are at all times.