Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You couldn't make this stuff up.

Pro football player/part-time wrestler Adam "Pacman" Jones is now being accused of punching a woman at a strip club. This is wrong on so many levels. First of all- Adam, as a man, you don't punch women, especially if you're a professional athlete. Secondly- Adam, weren't you just suspended by the NFL for an entire year because of an issue at a strip club? Obviously Pacmen and strip clubs don't mix, so why don't you try something else; like going to a movie, or hanging out with some friends in your mansion. Hell, if you really want to see a girl strip for you, they do have women you can hire to do that who will come to you so you can avoid all the punchable people out there. Pacman, you are a bona fide idiot and you should not be allowed to reproduce.

It's times like these we need Wyclef to show us the way to true stripper etiquette all whilst giving us some funky jams.

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be nice to t-pain