Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Daily SAll-Star: Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson has muscles. Big ones.

I simply hate what bodybuilding has become (somebody needs to shut up when he poses). If you've ever seen Pumping Iron, then you know what a championship physique used to look like. It demanded symmetry over size, discipline over doping. But today when you look at the Mr. Olympia competitors you see inhuman freaks. When I see Ronnie Coleman or The Violently Overcooked Jay Cutler, I simply don't know what I'm looking at. They're not humans, that's for sure. Each man's off-season weight is 320 pounds. These dudes are 5-9! How can you justify that sheer mass? Arnold, listed at six-foot-two, weighed 240 pounds at his absolute heaviest. He had four inches on these men yet gave up eighty pounds. Part of the judging process of a bodybuilding competition should be the question, "Is this the body that a normal many would envy?" In Arnold and Dexter's case, absolutely. But, in all honesty, who wants to look like this? Cutler is a microwaved dickless freak.

Fortunately, Dexter Jackson is a throwback. He is short (although not Franco short) and comparatively slim standing next to his cattle-sized competition. His nickname, "The Blade," comes from his meticulously defined abs. It's no surprise that Dexter is a two-time winner of the Arnold Classic, which claims to retain "classic" judging criteria.

Though he's not an "athlete" in the typical sense of the word, Dexter Jackson is today's SAll-Star for looking like a man in a world of hot air balloons.

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